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Saturday, September 19, 2009,1:41 AM
Some Layouts and a Beer....
Hi all! Late night once again, but hey, listening to Lady Gaga and at least I got some scrapping done! Ha! Yep!

Here are some of my recent layouts.

Don't forget to checkout SIStv's Online SISiversary this weekend, it is FAB!

Peace. My beer is calling my name. Yes, beer and an online episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Pure bliss.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009,2:42 PM
Not that much happening here in my little part of the world. I am going to tackle the pie pops tonight as well as home made jalepeno poppers. I will upload pics.

I still haven't decided what to make for supper. I love trying new things. What do you all like to make? What's your fav dish that you love to prepare? Share, por favor! :)

Here is my latest layout and a couple pics I took of my kids last week.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009,12:12 AM
It's Late, I Need A Tylenol PM...
Or AM, because it is after midnight. That makes it the wee hours of the morn, right?

I should go to bed being that I have a truckload of kids to get up at 5 to prepare for school. Thank goodness, all of their socks, clothes, shoes, drawers (all sprayed nicely with perfume and cologne) has already been laid out. (I am sooooo on top of things!! Wooohooo for me! Yeah right).

Anywoo...I can't sleep just yet.

I have been cruising like a sailboat out to sea on this vast ocean we call the INTERNET. Dude. There is so much out there. So many yummy things to see and drool over, how can I sleep! First, I am going to show ya'll my latest layout (not like ya'll care, but its my blog and I can post what I want to, so there!) and then I am going to link you all to some of the stuff I have been looking at on the World Wide Sticky Web.


Totally awesome, right?! heehee. whatev.

On to the surfy goodness...

Isn't this cute! Everyone and their mama knows tutus are all the rage (or were...if so, I blame Mississippi for being so BEHIND!) and this is sooooo cute! I really want to make my girls tutu costumes for Halloween and this lady really knows her stuff! Definitely inspires me.

Definitely cute,huh!?

She does not have a website that I can find, but her Ebay shop is here.

On to more finds...

Now this is Friggin Fan Tas Tic.

Little Pie Pops!

My kids and I are making some this weekend. Made with pie dough, filled with anything you choose, and ON A STICK! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!??? We are so making these.

Check out Luxirare's is chalk full of yummy foody goodness and if you LURVE fashion the way I do, hell, she has that too! I wish I could sew.

And to end the night (I guess...falling asleep to infomercials sounds nice right about now...) I leave you with a link to one of the dresses I have been drooling over on one of my favorite sites(have yet to order from them, but ohhhh, the day when I do.):

Pin Up Girl Clothing
has the best in sexy retro ware, I swear.

Oh well, I guess I have shared enough tonight. See yall laterzzzzzz! (I am so cool. I used Zs instead of Ss!)
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